Trawl equipment

Egersund Trål is a leading manufacturer of trawl equipment for the International fishing industry.

Proud supplier of trawl since 1954

Egersund Trawl supplies a wide range of trawls. The trawl is designed and optimized to ensure an efficient catch and we tailor the trawl to the customer's needs: All trawls are designed individually according to the customer's needs using top software that calculates all important parameters such as height, width and mesh design to customize the trawl to the individual boat and specific use.


Product development and quality assurance

We are passionate about meeting our customers' desires and needs in the best possible way and are therefore focusing on continuous product development and comprehensive quality assurance. We use data simulation to create optimal constructions and ensure that all newly developed products are thoroughly tested. Production is handled by talented professionals and new trawl products are being tested in a test tank to verify the construction.