Purse Seine Nets

Purse seine fishing has been undergoing rapid development; from fabrics made of cotton, small boats and handcraft to the mechanical solutions of today. Egersund Trål offers the whole range of purse seine nets - including production and installation - which means that our customers are assured a high-quality product both in terms of materials and craftsmanship. In Egersund we also have good facilities for repairing as well as storage of purse seine nets. 

Complete assembly

We offer complete assembly of purse seine nets. This means that we can guarantee you a very high quality product, both in materials and craftsmanship. At the same time, this means that we also have a high level of expertise available that can quickly assist with any repairs during the season.

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Roy Skulevold

Sales - Fishing

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Jarle Mong

Sales - Fishing

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Terje Eriksen

Sales - Fishing, Special Nets and Snow Crab Traps

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Other products

Product development and quality assurance

We are passionate about meeting our customers' desires and needs in the best possible way and are therefore focusing on continuous product development and comprehensive quality assurance. We use data simulation to create optimal constructions and ensure that all newly developed products are thoroughly tested. Production is handled by talented professionals and new trawl products are being tested in a test tank to verify the construction.