About us

Egersund Trål has developed and manufactured fishing equipment since 1952. We have built our success on solid traditions of craftsmanship, a one-hundred percent focus on quality in all stages of design and production, and in depth knowledge of our clients needs and expectations.

Daily contact with fishermen provides us with a solid basis for product development, and new product designs are fully tested in a testing tank prior to production. Today we stand as one of the world leaders in the design and manufacture of trawling equipment for the world’s fishing fleets.

Part of Egersund Group

Egersund Trawl was founded in 1952 by Kåre Mong in Svanavågen on the southwestern coast of Norway. Production during the first years was mainly repairing and treating of herring nets. The company changed its name to Egersund Trawlverksted (Trawl Workshop) in the 1950s and gradually switched focus to trawl production as the fishing fleet started to use trawls. In the 1970s, the production of blue whiting trawls started, and as the blue whiting fishing grew throughout the 1980s, Egersund Trål expanded with large halls for mounting pelagic trawls to meet demand. In the 1990s, the company started producing large pollack trawls, and in 2011 Egersund Trål expanded the product area with iceberg nets and oil spill equipment in addition to equipment for the fishing industry.

Egersund Trål is based in Egersund as part of the Egersund Group. The company has a branch in Hvaler in Eastern Norway.

Our values


Egersund Trål shall be a leading company when it comes to quality, health, the environment and safety, and this shall be consistently throughout all of our products and services. We shall be a long-term contributor who creates values and safety through profitable operations for our customers, owners, employees, suppliers and local communities.